Potty Mouth Poopcast

E37 - Let's Talk About Sex...Work

July 16, 2021 Karla Serrato and Sarah Sofia Serrato Season 3 Episode 37
Potty Mouth Poopcast
E37 - Let's Talk About Sex...Work
Show Notes

Hey baby, are you looking for a good time?**  Then listen to this episode!!
Sex Work...how do you feel about it?? Join us as we discuss one of the most taboo topics of all time. Have you ever thought about selling sex? Have you ever thought of buying a sexual experience? What's the line between harm and charm? How do you guarantee that you're not hurting someone's spouse by being the person someone cheats with? What kind of person wants to sell sex for money? Do all sex workers have a trauma that needs therapizing?
Wondering these questions isn't new, but it definitely is a new topic we hadn't discussed yet on Potty Mouth Poopcast, so join us for our first episode in our "Let's Talk About Sex" Series. The first one is free ;)         
(Jk, all our episodes are free of course!)

**good time not guaranteed

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Trigger Warning: child sex trafficking, sex work, sex slavery, pornography, infidelity, and other triggering terminology around sex and sexual experiences.