Potty Mouth Poopcast

E35 - “Mexican Comes To The Suburbs”

May 05, 2021 Sarah Serrato (Sr.) Season 3 Episode 35
Potty Mouth Poopcast
E35 - “Mexican Comes To The Suburbs”
Show Notes

Trigger warning: depression, suicide attempt, emotional abuse topics, illegal immigration.

“Mexican comes to suburbs”, part of a headline printed for an article featuring our mom!
But how did she get to the ‘burbs you may ask?

Listen to the tale of how our mom realized her “American Dream”.
Find out what drove her to stand up for her dreams of going to school and moving to the United States. Tell us which “mami-ism” is your favorite! 

If there was ever a time to feel grateful for our upbringing, this is it. Our mother’s life journey is inspiring and we hope it gives you some perspective, patience, and empathy for people who might not say the right things in the right order.....some of the time.

Gracias! Adiós!
Picture of article “Mexican comes to the suburbs to get the degree she wanted.” on our Instagram.

Email us your favorite “Mami-ism”, is it Munkchip? OR tell us the stories of your family members who have immigrated!